Now with more Contest! (Though you may wish for less after this…)

Hosts: Dave, Josh, Luke


  • [00:17] Here at the Iron Agenda, we Walk Hard
  • [00:26] Introducing Luke
  • [01:45] Luke provides the proper tribute
  • [06:20] V3: Podgecast’s Game Day (December 6th!)
  • [09:22] Systems for the Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying game
  • [25:31] Josh and Dave’s recent Iron Kingdoms campaign
  • [30:15] We stop telling our gaming story
  • [34:11] Luke’s Warmachine experience in the local Warmachine scene
  • [45:00] The 1969 Dodge Charger
  • [88:09] Luke’s Hell comes to Hazard County
  • [89:20] Luke’s Heroes of History

Show Notes:

  • Rap Snacks!
  • Contest runs through the end of December!
  • Limitations of Podpress have forced us to link to the Renegade Horizon theme in our forums — see the link below!
  • Podgecast’s V3 Information

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