Hosts: Dave, Josh, Jason, Tim


  • [2:54] Steve’s Cereal Mascot email
  • [05:03] Geist’s blog name contest email (see below)
  • [07:22] Phillip’s Highlander email
  • [39:52] Brian’s Magnus email (& list)

Show Notes:

Rules for Geist’s Blog Name Contest:

  • Email entries to:
  • Name should be understandable with no profanity. The name does not need to be warmachine related as this will be a blog focusing on various aspects of miniature games, roleplaying games on occasion.
  • Should work well as a domain name.
  • Should not already be in use as a domain name or owned by some jerk waiting for some company to buy said domain name.
  • If no name sent in is chosen the prize will be given out as a random draw.
  • The person, group or entity that sends in the winning entry will lay no claim to ownership or otherwise try and trademark said name. Though they can brag all they want that they picked the name : )
  • Multiple name ideas can be submitted however if it goes to a random draw each person only gets their name in once.

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